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Saturday, 7 June 2014

BOKO HARAM: beyond realms of sanity

          The conscious community of Nigeria's  Northern Regions must now distance themselves from Boko Haram, having come to crystal clear terms with the diabolical nature of the Boko Haram!  At the beginning, the Boko Haram stealthily crept into the political sentiments of the Northern leaders, as sympathetic militia, out to assist them in realizing comprehensive political fortunes, that were the dream of every progressive northerner.
          The Boko Haram as a militant group, fought along the general Northern Nigerian political sentiments, as a marginalized section of the country.  They attacked Northern political detractors, known and imagined.  They also went after the traditional foes of the Moslem North, Christians and Southerners, mostly Easterners there from.  All this while, Boko Haram hid the morbid hatred they have of majority of the conscious Northerners, who were unsympathetic of their hostile nature against Western Education and Culture.
          Inevitably there had to be a clash, when the patience and subterfuge of the Boko Haram grew thinner by the day.  They made public their malevolent international connections by public publications and incredible arrays of sophisticated weaponry!  They had by now cast away their pretended sympathies with the bulk of the Northern Nigerian Elites and their love for Western Civilization.  Boko Haram went after everything the North laboured over the centuries to build.  Nothing was spared: Mosques, Churches, residential homes, and life stock.  They also targeted business places, markets and places of public gatherings.
          But the most harrowing of all violations was the abduction of the female students of Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State of Northern Nigeria.  In every descent human, world over, the blood curdles at this brutalizing of women so young, so innocent of woes of war.  Thoughts of the savage vandalism of their minds and physical persons defines the DIABOLICAL DEPTH of the machinations of the organizers and supporters of Boko Haram.
          Initially no doubt, the Boko Haram may have presented genuine grievances.  T hey may have felt disaffection with certain aspects of the state of affairs in Nigeria, quite understandably.  And perhaps, they might even have sought redress judicially.  What may not be clear now, is how their manner of resolving whatever disputes they harbour, metamorphosed into this DIABOLICAL SAVAGERY.  BUT LET IT BE CLEARLY STATED: THE BLOOD-CURDLING ANGUISH OF THEIR VICTIMS MAKE BOKO HARAMS' GRIEVANCES UNINTELLIGIBLE!
          All efforts conceived and executed towards the resolution of the menace of Boko Haram would never be in vain.  Therefore let everything be done by all and sundry to #FreeChibokGirls and #BringBackOurGirls . . . !
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