EZEIDI ONICHA nwa obodo na-echi eze

Ezeidi Onicha

Enthralled by Divine Presence in Greens,

           In perfect Glorification of the Almighty Deity, I am an artist and creative designer.  By the comprehensive training I underwent through levels of formal education, I acquired extensive appreciation of the planet earth and its various features.  Awe-inspiring are the incredible arrays of deliberately, crafted forms in nature, their textures, colours and smell.  Consciously I observed nature in its majestic integrity, and came out convinced that a Supernatural Intelligence was responsible for creation.

          I believe in God.  I believe in the sanctity of all nature, before its defiling confrontation with mortal human.  I do believe indeed that, the human suffers frustrations of sundry kinds, by his own wilful actions or unintentional inactions.  Therefore, I believe that by intellectually searching and researching, the human would receive Divine Illumination, escape from cosmic shackles precipitated by INCOMPREHENSIBLE ANECDOTES, SUPERSTITIOUS DOCTRINE AND IMPOSSIBLE DOGMA!

        nwa obodo na-echi eze  
        Royal Citizen Ancient Kingdom of Onicha Ado, Nigeria

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